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Water Heater Repair & Installation

Hot water heater failure can put a chill on your routine. Why wait? 

From laundry to showers to dishes, we all use hot water every day. And we can take it for granted—until it isn’t there. Short of your water heater breaking down, how do you know it might be time to replace it? After the 10-year mark, if your water heater is still working, there are some signs to watch out for: 

  • It’s making noises it never made before. 

  • You have to set the temperature higher and higher to get the same result. 

  • You run out of hot water faster than you used to. 

These are symptoms of a water heater that may be on its last legs. And with so many new options on the market, you don’t want to wait until you’re under pressure to make an emergency decision. Whether you’re considering a replacement, or you need service and maintenance, Isaac is happy to work with you. 

We offer a range of water heating systems and professional installation—and we only install models Isaac carries, so we understand clearly how each unit operates. Plus, as of 2015, new Department of Energy standards are in effect for hot water heaters. These regulations are meant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save energy, making your home safer and more energy efficient.  

Smart choices. Full water heater installation service. 

New water heater options, such as heat pump water heaters or tankless water heaters, are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of households and lifestyles. Some work best for larger families. Other are ideal for homes where residents are away all day. With so many options out there, we offer you a free hot-water heating consultation service. Our experts will come to your home to take a look at your current system and ask a few questions. From there, we’ll recommend a replacement unit and talk about the best options. Pricing, energy savings, and payback information, as well as how long it takes to recoup the cost of the new unit through energy savings will be reviewed. We also offer our exclusive GoldCare membership on water heaters, starting at $7 per month, which can keep your unit operating smoothly and extend its life. 

Traditional water heater, improved design. 

The latest tank-style models are now better insulated, more energy efficient, and operate up to a 96% thermal efficiency. That means they cost less to operate, so payback on your purchase will take about five years. Today’s traditional water heaters are safer, too, thanks to better venting of carbon dioxide. Other considerations: 

  • Newer models feature a built-in auto shut-off in case flammable substances spill near the unit. 

  • Newer models are wider and taller, so we can help you choose a location where it fits best. 

  • Traditional tank water heaters have a lifespan of up to 12 years and have a six-year warranty. 

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GoldCare Club Membership Even More Affordable Isaac’s best protection plan, GoldCare Club, is now available through easy monthly payments.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters and Heat Pump water heaters are greener choices to consider.

Tankless options eliminate more than 85% of flue gas wasted by standard water heaters and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 420 lbs. per unit per year.  

While these options initially cost more than traditional units, tankless or heat pump water heaters offer the lower annual operating cost.

They offer a faster payback (compared to traditional water heaters), thanks to 98% energy efficiency.

A traditional system has to work to maintain up to 50 gallons of water at 125°F water all day. 

These models are projected to last up to 20 years, with a 12-year warranty. 

  • First, our project manager will pay you a visit virtually or in person to assess your needs, and present you with options best suited to your lifestyle—along with a free estimate.
  • Next, we’ll scope out the project and plan the installation.
  • You schedule the installation when it’s convenient for you.
  • We protect your home with drop cloths, floor protection, and shoe booties. We carefully remove the old system and all the associated components.
  • Our technicians install your new equipment and support systems. This includes gas piping, wiring, duct transitioning and fabrication, venting, plumbing, setting up outdoor units, etc.
  • We explain what was done, teach you how to use the new water heater, and answer any questions.
What To Expect Water Heater

Not ready for a new water heater unit? We’ll repair your current one. 

Isaac also services and maintains gas, electric, oil, and propane water heaters. We can provide expert service, 24/7, within a few hours, even on weekends. We can also schedule a free Healthy Home Assessment for a comprehensive assessment of your home’s efficiency, including your water heater. 

Frequenty Asked Questions

A water heaters life expectancy varies by the type of unit and whether it is a tankless or tanked system. Tankless systems last about 15 to 20 years, while tanked systems usually last about 9 to 11 years. Conducting routine maintenance and properly caring for your system can help prolong your unit’s lifespan.

Tankless water heaters are a great option for homeowners looking to receive hot water on demand. They work by using either gas or electricity to heat water as it flows through the unit, without the use of a tank storing gallons of water. These units offer a major convenience to consumers as they allow you access to an almost unlimited hot water supply. With a tankless unit you are unlikely to run out of hot water once you’re in the shower. 

Tankless water heaters offer a major convenience to consumers as they allow you access to an almost unlimited hot water supply. Tankless devices are better than conventional tank versions in terms of life expectancy, energy efficiency, space used for the equipment, and lowering your utility bills.

Determining the right size tankless water heater for your home will depend on how many gallons per minute of hot water you’ll need. At Isaac, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation customized estimate that will help you determine the appropriate tankless water heater size for your specific needs.

The timeframe to install a water heater will vary depending on the scope of the project. Most of them can be installed in a few hours. Our project manager will provide you with a no-cost estimate and will be able to advise you on the expected installation timeline.

The ideal temperature to set your water heater at is dependent on your personal preference. However, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends your hot water heater be set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which will prevent scalding, and is the safest temperature for young children or elderly individuals in your home.




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