Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in NY

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Since 1945, the Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning team has helped our clients enjoy superior comfort and the advantages offered by the latest technologies. As technology evolves, our service evolves to meet your needs, and it’s our pleasure to provide the reliable EV charging station installation services you need to keep your electric vehicle charged and ready to roll!

Our licensed and insured electricians can install a Level I or Level II EV charging station in your garage, carport, barn, workshop, and more. We offer a range of top-quality systems from leading manufacturers and will help you select the best option. We adhere to rigid safety and quality control standards and guarantee your satisfaction!

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Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Level II EV charging stations are designed to deliver anywhere from 3kW to 20kW of AC power to your electric vehicle. This means that most systems will charge your vehicle between 20 to 30 miles per charging hour. This charging rate usually means that your car will fully charge overnight.

This charging rate is considerably faster than Level I charging stations, which charge around 3 miles per hour of charge. This disparity highlights the significant advantage of choosing a Level II charging station if you use the vehicle for commuting, errands, etc.

Expert EV Charger Installation Services

Our licensed and insured electricians will help you select the most suitable EV charging station for your vehicle and anticipated future needs. We will prepare the installation site, install the charger, and test the system to confirm that everything is in proper condition and delivering the appropriate functionality. In most cases, installation takes two to three hours to complete, and we will provide you with an accurate estimate when scheduling the installation appointment.

Once every aspect of the EV charger is checked and tested, we will show you how to maintain the EV charger and optimize the system for your needs. We will also discuss issues to watch for, service schedules, and warranty coverage.

Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations

There are plenty of reasons to install an EV charging station in your home, including:

  • Safety: Charging at home helps protect your battery from damage and allows you to rest and relax at home rather than in a parking lot while you wait for an open station or for your vehicle to charge.
  • Convenience: EV charging at home means you can charge whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Moreover, residential EV charging stations deliver more reliable performance than public stations.
  • Savings: Residential EV charging stations cost less per charge than public EV charging stations.
  • Increased home value: Level II charging stations add value to your home because they are an appealing feature for eco-conscious home buyers.

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Choose Isaac for EV Charging Services

When you choose Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning for your EV charging station needs, you will always receive superior service and solutions from our family-owned and -operated company. We offer upfront pricing, background-checked technicians, financing options, 24-hour service, and more!

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You will want to consider the type of mounting, power output, EV charging capability, whether it’s an indoor/outdoor installation, certifications, and warranty coverage.

It depends on your utility provider, but in most cases, you can lower your monthly utility bills by charging your electric vehicle from midnight to morning.
Most require very little maintenance. Keeping the unit clean, regularly inspecting cables and connectors, and adhering to manufacturer recommendations are usually all that’s necessary.




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