A/C Maintenance Services

Don’t get caught in the summer heat with regular ongoing AC maintenance.

Isaac Air Conditioning Maintenance Services to Ensure Your Home Comfort

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning can improve the life your equipment and the quality of your family’s life. Forgetting to perform annual maintenance on your air conditioner can lead to interruptions in your equipment working properly. The longer you go without maintenance, the more dirt and debris will build up in the filter and on the coils.

Sometimes it’s as simple as the refrigerant levels. Too much or too little not only knocks years off the life of your equipment, but also increases your energy costs. Isaac’s proprietary Precision Tune Up and Safety Inspection is a thorough maintenance check-up and safety check to ensure your A/C is working properly and safely.

When to Schedule Maintenance of Your Air Conditioning Equipment

Air conditioning maintenance can only be done in the warmer months — ideally between April and early October. Don’t wait for your air conditioning to fail before contacting Isaac to take a look and make sure it’s providing peak performance.

Our AC Maintenance Process

When an Isaac technician is cleaning your air conditioner or heat pump, he or she will also check to make sure that the air is blowing properly throughout the home. During the maintenance, we will also inspect the blower components. Insufficient air flow reduces the efficiency of your equipment.

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