Expert Boiler Repair in Syracuse, NY & the Surrounding Areas

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When frigid temperatures challenge your daily commute and errands, you deserve to come home to a warm and comforting space.

Your boiler is the workhorse that makes that possible — and if it malfunctions or fails, you need to act quickly to get the repairs you need.

Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning has the licensed and certified team you need to get your boiler back up and running as it should.

Call (585) 546-1400 today to schedule prompt boiler repairs in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Avon, Big Flats, or Canandaigua.

24/7 Boiler Repair

A boiler that can’t heat your home creates an uncomfortable and inconvenient situation, but it can also endanger your home because pipes can freeze and burst without adequate heating.

Isaac is proud to offer 24/7 boiler repairs in Syracuse and surrounding areas. When you need us, we’ll provide critical repairs for your boiler. We’re equipped and qualified to service all brands and find the right repair solutions.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

If your boiler is not turning on or producing heat, that’s a clear cause to call in a professional. However, other signs can indicate something is wrong with your boiler, such as:

  • Increased use of fuel or higher energy bills
  • Problems with the pilot light or burner
  • Low heat output
  • Uneven heating throughout the home
  • Noisy operation
  • Foul or unusual odors

If your boiler displays any of these symptoms, call Isaac to get to the root of the issue and swiftly solve the problem. Some common causes of boiler malfunction include scale buildup, leaks, broken valves, and other component failures.

Whatever the issue, we’ll accurately pinpoint the cause and seamlessly complete the repair.

Call Isaac at (585) 546-1400 to request boiler repairs any time or day.

Why Choose Isaac for Boiler Repair?

Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning has provided exceptional home services since 1945, and our reputation is a testament to our success. We maintain our client’s trust by delivering upfront pricing and award-winning service.

Our technicians are licensed, certified, and background-checked to ensure your comfort systems are always in the best hands.

Call Isaac today at (585) 546-1400 to schedule fast boiler repair in Syracuse, Avon, Canandaigua, Rochester, Big Flat, or Buffalo.


Many boiler issues can be repaired. However, it’s worth considering replacement if you’re looking for better energy efficiency or have to call for repairs often.

The average boiler lasts about 15 to 20 years with routine maintenance. In colder climates like New York, boilers endure a lot of wear and tear, often lasting closer to 15 years.

A low-pressure boiler must be repressurized. If it depressurizes again, it may be due to a leak. If it doesn’t, there is a failed component somewhere in the system that requires repair.




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