What to Do About Mold in Your Home

And why you shouldn’t stop at just removing it!

The root cause of mold found in your home, whether in the basement or the attic, is moisture. Mold can occur anywhere in your home where there is water and the potential for it to grow over time. While there is mold that you can see, there is also mold growing near the source that is not immediately visible.

Do you need a professional?

A mold remediation professional will be able to locate the source and create a plan. The plan will not only remove the existing mold, but it will also fix the source and stop future issues. There are health concerns when dealing with the removal of mold, so always consult a professional before attempting this process. For truly dangerous mold situations, precautions may be taken to temporarily remove your family from the home.

During the mold removal process, a company such as Isaac, will repair the moisture problem, as well as remove the contaminated materials. Wiping everything down with a detergent and using a HEPA vacuum help to remove dust and dirt that can reactivate the mold. After the area is cleaned, it is tested again.

After the removal

Once your mold issue has been resolved, consideration should be taken to inspect your insulation. A home that is well insulated is guarded against the damp conditions that allow for mold to grow. While removing the current issue may seem like enough, taking a look at upgrading your insulation could prevent a reoccurring issue that might surface in another area of your home.

If you believe you have a mold issue or are concerned that your home may not be adequately insulated, you can contact Isaac for a FREE Home Energy Assessment. The results of this audit can pinpoint areas of improvement that guard against potentially hazardous issues.


By Domenic DeLeo
VP of Residential Installation




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