5 Standby Generator Advantages

Each year, strong windstorms drive home the value of having a generator ready when the power goes out. At Isaac, we sell safe, reliable natural gas- or propane-powered generators. Here are five reasons these are an excellent choice for your home, based on safety, peace of mind, and reliability.

Standby generator advantages

  1. Automatically go on when the power goes off
    • You don’t need to go into the snow, pull the generator out, and fill it with gas with frozen fingers while trying to read the instructions. Your standby generator is always ready.
  1. Protect your family and your food
    • If you have loved ones on medical equipment, they are safeguarded. You won’t wind up tossing spoiled food from your fridge and freezer. And your family is kept warm and comfortable.
  1. Safeguard your home
    • Your furnace, refrigerator, water heater, and other important appliances are kept running. That sump pump is vital, especially in a storm with a lot of rain. Your security system stays up to protect your home. And your pipes won’t freeze.
  1. Offer peace of mind when you’re away
    • You know power will be on, even if you are thousands of miles away.
  1. Increase the value of your home (and save you money now)
    • A standby generator is a great real estate added value and selling point. Plus you won’t have to fight to find, and then pay for, an expensive hotel room.

Portable gasoline generators

  1. Give off hazardous fumes
    • When you run your generator, you should close your windows to prevent dangerous fumes from entering your home. NEVER RUN YOUR GENERATOR IN YOUR GARAGE OR INDOORS!
  1. Require regular refueling with gasoline
    • That means storing and handling gasoline, and this creates a serious fire hazard. Some require refueling every 2 – 4 hours, which can cause challenges over night.
  1. Probably won’t power your furnace
    • Furnaces made in the last 10 years require a specific “electrical frequency” to be powered by a generator. Gasoline generators are not able to deliver this power accuracy.
  1. Can only run a limited amount of items in your home
    • Depending on their capacity, you may not be able to power more than a space heater and lights, creating the possibility of frozen pipes and other issues.
  1. Are very loud and very heavy
    • It sounds like you are running your lawnmower constantly. And they are heavy items that are very cumbersome to move and maneuver.

Isaac can tell you more about flexible choices in standby generators. These range from units powering all to only specific circuits in your home. Talk generators with us today. Click here to learn more.


By Domenic DeLeo
VP of Residential Installation




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