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Under the sink garbage disposal unit

A garbage disposal is the cornerstone of a kitchen’s functionality, comfort, and hygiene. Without one, cooking and cleaning would be messier and more stressful.

Whether you’re looking to install a brand-new garbage disposal or repair your current one, look no further than the Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning team. For over 75 years, we have proudly helped Northern New York homeowners with heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing solutions.

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Advantages of Installing a Garbage Disposal

If your home doesn’t have a garbage disposal, you’re probably wondering why it’s worth installing one. Garbage disposals are one of the best home upgrades, instantly improving your cleaning experience.

Some benefits include:

  • Convenience: A garbage disposal adds convenience to your kitchen routine by allowing you to quickly and easily dispose of food waste. Instead of messy cleanup or trips to the trash can, you can simply rinse food scraps down the drain.
  • Reduced odors: A disposal minimizes kitchen odors, allowing you to maintain a fresh and pleasant environment for cooking and dining.
  • Environmental impact: Disposals support environmental sustainability by reducing organic waste sent to landfills.
  • Prevention of clogs: The best benefit of garbage disposal is its ability to prevent clogs. Garbage disposals keep pipes functional by grinding food waste into smaller particles that easily flush.

Garbage Disposal Installation, Replacement & Repair

You don’t want just any basic garbage disposal; you want a high-quality, effective one. The only way to ensure your New York home has the best garbage disposal is with the best professional service.

As seasoned home service experts, the Isaac plumbing team knows the piping ins and outs. So, we routinely deliver the best results for our valued clients. Whether you’re looking to install a new disposal unit, replace an old or malfunctioning one, or repair a damaged one, our skilled technicians are here.

What Can & Can't I Put in My Garbage Disposal

Good usage and care are the best ways to keep your garbage disposal in great shape for years. In particular, you should know what’s good to put down the garbage disposal and what isn’t.

Here’s a helpful list for proper garbage disposal etiquette:

What You Can Put In:

  • Soft fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds in small quantities
  • Small bones (like from fish or poultry)
  • Non-greasy food scraps

What You Shouldn’t Put In:

  • Stiff foods (like celery or corn husks)
  • Paste, rice, and other expandable foods
  • Coffee grounds in large quantities
  • Large bones
  • Grease, fats, or oils

Why Choose Isaac for Garbage Disposal Services?

The kitchen is probably the most valuable and used room in any home. Give it the ideal functionality and convenience you deserve with superior garbage disposal services.

Recognized as Rochester Top 100 and with the BBB International Torch Award, Isaac Heating & Cooling is committed to your satisfaction. Through superior training and tremendous service, we’re confident no other company will treat your home with love and success like us.

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Frequent clogs, unusual noises during use, and persistent odors coming from the unit are common signs that you may need a new garbage disposal. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional if either of these occurs.

It’s recommended that your garbage disposal be inspected and serviced at least once a year to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Annual maintenance includes cleaning, checking for leaks or damage, and tightening loose connections.




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