The Power to Add Peace of Mind with Standby Generators

In the late ’90s, standby generators were thought of like central air was in the ’70s. It was not very common and something few people had. Today, however, they’re becoming a lot more popular. In fact, many brand new homes are often built with generators, increasing the home’s desirability and resale value. Smaller than an air conditioning unit, today’s backup generators are quiet and generate enough power to run your entire house. You can take advantage of their ‘power management’ technology, which directs power to a specific circuit or location within your home (workshop, in-law apartment, etc.).

When considering a backup generator, you should know that some furnaces won’t operate with a gasoline generator, which is considered “dirty power.” Modern furnaces require clean, 60-hz electric. The two main types of backup generators are Natural Gas and Propane, eliminating the hassles and hazards of gasoline-powered generators. With advances in technology, they switch-on automatically. So, just because the power goes out in your neighborhood, doesn’t mean yours has to.

Why install a Standby Generator

  • Peace of mind/safety – just knowing you can keep your family safe and comfortable while preventing potential financial loss is an invaluable feeling
  • Keep critical, in-home medical and life-support equipment running
  • Security systems stay on, protecting your home when you’re home and when you’re away
  • Keep your pipes from freezing which can cause serious damage
  • Eliminate the hassles and hazards of using portable, manual-start, gasoline-powered generators
  • Prevent loss and spoilage of food
  • Prevent a flooded basement by keeping your sump pump running
    Increase your home’s resale value

Don’t wait. Install now before the next power outage. Even if you’re still doing your research, talk to one of our experts about the benefits of installing a backup generator today – that way, you’ll be ready when you need one!


By Andrew Torres
Residential Sales Manager




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