The cure for “it’s too hot upstairs and too cold downstairs”

Summer and winter temperatures challenge your home’s energy systems in different ways. Many homes suffer from uneven cooling (and heating). The Arzel Zoning system is the ideal solution to solve these problems all year long. Eliminate too hot upstairs/too cold downstairs issues in the summer, and enjoy even heating of all rooms in the winter.

How Arzel Zoning adds comfort and savings

Arzel Zoning makes cooling or heating of any area as easy as turning on a light switch. Called forced air zoning, it uses multiple thermostats to control airflow, limiting it in areas where it is not needed, and making adjustments in areas where it is. Instead of adding another A/C unit, Arzel Zoning optimizes your current system in a very energy efficient and convenient way.

When a section of your house gets too hot or cold, a control panel sends two commands: one to automatic dampers to open the duct(s) to that zone and redirect airflow, and the other to your system to supply cooling (or heating). The rooms with dampers that don’t need cooling or heating stay closed. By improving the management of airflow to the zone(s) requiring service, system efficiency is increased at a lower energy cost.

Another bonus: you can opt to cool or heat only the areas of your home you’re currently using. For example, this summer cool your bedrooms at night, then turn them down during the day. Using the Arzel system in this way can deliver up to 30% energy (and utility cost) savings. Along with the summer A/C advantages, you’ll notice fewer drafts in the winter, too.

Your Isaac office can tell you more, take a look at your system, and provide a no-obligation estimate to install Arzel comfort in your home. Incidentally, Arzel Zoning is backed by one of the best warranties in the business, and when installed by Isaac it’s a total win/win.


By Jake Coleman
Residential Service Manager




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