New Normal. Same Incredible Training Program.

Today, the workforce looks a lot different than it did prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. It looks different at Isaac, too. As safety regulations have changed, we’ve adapted to ensure our customers and team members stay healthy.
As each of us are ready to walk into a “new normal” on the job, we take pride in knowing we’ve extended safety precautions into our classrooms as well.

Safety You’ll Notice at ITEC
Every student that walks through the door at Isaac Training & Education Center (ITEC) will be welcomed into a safe, sanitized, and sterile environment that strictly complies with NYS Covid-19 directives, including social distancing and mask wearing.
The 30,000 square foot facility has three Energy Recovery Ventilator systems. This provides for fresh air to be brought in through the commercial economizers on the roof. In addition to those systems, there are also:

  • 10 sanitizer stations
  • Entry screening questionnaires
  • Temperature scans and tracking
  • Daily sanitization of classrooms, public areas, and equipment.

Additionally, we’ve had every single square inch of the ITEC facility sanitized with MarkedSafe™ by Isaac. This is the only service in our area that tests before cleaning, treats with a non-invasive spray cleaner, and verifies that our facility is 100% sanitized for up to 6 months.
Why It Matters
ITEC is more than a state-of-the-art training facility, it’s home to the next generation of HVAC professionals. Keeping them safe in an engaging learning environment is a top priority for ITEC and Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning.
The programs are designed to be flexible enough to adjust daily content to match the needs of the class.
“I am proud of the support the Isaac brothers have given the ITEC team and facility to create a world-class training center. ITEC is a training program completely funded by the Isaac brothers. No tax dollars are subsidizing our facility,” says Kevin Traut, Administrative Director for ITEC.
ITEC is all about hands-on training in real-world scenarios. This includes a final exam which has participants disrupted at home in the middle of the night. Students are then instructed to arrive back to ITEC to perform a simulated service call in the same low-light basement conditions they would expect during a real after-hours call for emergency service.
Instructors at ITEC believe this hands-on training is most effective for understanding how to install, maintain and repair HVAC equipment under pressure. “Our philosophy is to educate students on why we do things, as well as train them on the how, what, where and when to apply that knowledge,” says Traut.
What’s Being Offered this Fall?
For the fall of 2020, ITEC is currently running Isaac University for employees of Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning who are going through continuing education and certifications. They are also beginning a new Isaac Boot Camp class. These students receive paid training with the intent of becoming Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC technicians at the end of their training.

Coming Soon: Golisano Construction Technology Program
The Golisano Construction Technology Program is a six-week, tuition-free program sponsored by the Golisano Foundation in collaboration with local employers to prepare participants for immediate local employment in the construction trades upon graduation. All participants who complete the Golisano Construction Trades Training Program will receive a general-purpose toolset worth $750, allowing them to begin their career.
“Our employer partners have committed to hiring all graduates of this program,” says Traut. ITEC is excited to hopefully get it back up and running soon.

by Kevin Traut
Administrative Director for Isaac Training & Education Center (ITEC)




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