Leave it to the Pros when Disinfecting Your Home

Regular hand washing, social distancing, and wearing a mask are the best ways to prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19 when you are out in public. But now more than ever, safety precautions are just as important in your home.

What do you need to know to keep your home safe from the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses? Which disinfectants are the most effective? What’s the safest way to use them? And what’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? We’re here to answer some your questions.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting?
You vacuum, you mop, and you dust – but you’re not doing anything other than removing visible signs of dust and dirt. That’s as far as surface cleaning gets you. When you truly disinfect your home, you’re killing viruses and bacteria that are impossible to spot.

What areas of my home should I be disinfecting and how often?
Anything that gets touched frequently should be targets for disinfecting, such as:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Phones
  • Laptops or keyboards
  • Remote controls
  • Gaming controllers
  • Counter tops
  • Light switches
  • Faucets
  • Refrigerator handles
  • Drawer pulls
  • Doorknobs

These areas should be disinfected every day.

Without approved treatments or a vaccine to protect us from exposure to COVID-19, disinfecting your home is the best way to protect your family. Items and surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms such as trash cans, toilets, bathtubs and floors, should be disinfected often.

The reality is – whether it’s physical limitations, inconvenience, or busy schedules – those strict cleaning guidelines are unrealistic for most of us.

Why hire a professional?
To eliminate the guesswork and uncertainty, a professional should be hired, so you can ensure your home has been properly disinfected. Otherwise, you could be wasting time and money while risking you and your family’s safety.

Why Isaac?
Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning’s professionals do more than disinfect your home. They guarantee it’s marked safe.

The MarkedSafe™ team uses an exclusive three step process. “We treat, test, and certify,” says Jeremy Noll, VP of Residential and Commercial Service. “Most service providers just treat. We’re able to test your home prior to disinfecting and then certify it’s safe afterwards by using a system that’s backed by MarkedSafe™ and 3M.”

At the end of the service, homeowners are provided with a seven-page, detailed report within 48 hours. They can also place a decal on your home, identifying that your home has been certified sanitized.

“At Isaac, we pride ourselves on providing top notch services to our clients. Our partnership with MarkedSafe™ is another example of this. We feel this product and system offer a great option to ensure that we offer the best possible solution for homes and businesses during these very difficult times,” says Noll.

Is the MarkedSafe™by Isaac treatment safe?
“Yes. Our solution is backed by the CDC and EPA. Most other solutions aren’t put through the same rigorous testing to gain these certifications,” says Noll.

The disinfectant MarkedSafe™ uses is also registered with the EPA for use against SARS and COVID-19. It meets the EPA’s emerging pathogen requirements for viruses showing efficacy against envelope and non-envelope viruses, both large and small.

It’s safe for people, pets, food, and electronics. “You can literally eat off your counters after we leave the house,” says Noll.

How will MarkedSafe™ Isaac disinfect my home?
Homeowners do not need to worry about moving furniture or potential damage to delicate electronics. MarkedSafe™ is a non-invasive spray that dries in 10 minutesThe smell is not overwhelming, you won’t see the spray, and you don’t even have to leave your house.

The MarkedSafe™ by Isaac team can spray up to 2,500 square feet in an hour, so they’ll be in and out before you know it. For an extra charge, they can even spray your vehicles and campers.

Is this service expensive?
The pricing for this disinfecting service is very reasonable and protects your home for up to 6 months… guaranteed. That’s a long time to go without costly disinfecting supplies or multiple service calls required from other comparable services in the area.

MarkedSafeTM by Isaac
The MarkedSafe™ System is the newest standard for client safety. It keeps your home protected inside by keeping viruses out.

  • 3 Step Approach – Treat, Test, Verify
  • Product is backed by CDC and EPA
  • Safe for people, pets, food
  • Dissolves in 10 minutes or less
  • Kills deadly bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19

By Jeremy Noll
VP of Residential and Commercial Service




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