Isaac’s Boot Camp: Changing lives and creating meaningful careers

Isaac Boot Camp is a 12-week program to learn how to be an HVAC technician. Courses are taught by experienced HVAC experts. It provides a comprehensive mix of classroom and in-the-field training. The training is paid, and those enrolled are assured of a job upon graduation.

The first group of nine boot camp attendees graduated in early fall and started working at Isaac. They’re now armed with extensive knowledge of furnaces, A/C systems, electrical services, gas piping, commercial refrigeration, generators, duct cleaning, sheet metal, and much more.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve had demand for talented HVAC techs,” said Eric Knaak, Executive Vice President & General Manager. “So we created this program as an extension of our Isaac University.” In order to graduate from the Boot Camp and Isaac U, participants must prove their mastery of many subject areas through rigorous tests and demonstrations of hands-on competency.

The value of the program is clear to both graduates and Isaac management. “If you graduate from the Boot Camp successfully, we guarantee you a position,” says Knaak. “And because we’ve trained each person very thoroughly and he or she has passed all the tests, we know every graduate is ready for the real world of HVAC and able to perform with the excellence expected of every Isaac employee. We’re creating good jobs in our community, benefiting individuals, their families, and our organization.”

If you know of someone who loves to work with their hands and has a mechanical aptitude, have them send an e-mail to bootcamp@isaacheating.com. They can also learn more here.


By Eric Knaak
Executive Vice President & General Manager




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