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Air Quality

Spring is in the air – and so are allergens. If you or anyone else in your home suffer from seasonal allergies, you know just how uncomfortable it can be. Your home’s air quality is important. Our team is here to improve the comfort and efficiency of your home with a little spring cleaning.

Duct Cleaning 

Cleaning the ducts will reduce allergens and bacteria in the air. Some duct cleaning advantages include:

  • Removing dust, mildew, pet hair, and other indoor air pollutants
  • Improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems
  • Helping you breathe cleaner, fresher, less polluted air in your home
  • Sanitizing

Air Cleaners 

We even offer units with UV products that use light to help remove pollutants from the air.

Air cleaners work alone or with your HVAC system to improve air quality by removing:

  • Allergens
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Smoke
  • Airborne viruses


A dehumidifier unit removes moisture from your home along with providing other benefits such as:

  • May help reduce allergens, mold and mildew
  • Protecting your home from moisture damage
  • Eliminating odors caused by mold or mildew

Learn more at or call your local branch to schedule a service visit.


Did You Know?

Spring blows in cottonwood, and cottonwood can wreak havoc on your A/C unit, causing it to clog and overheat. We’ll tune-up and clean your equipment to ensure it’s working efficiently.

This spring, let Isaac’s A/C professionals help you choose the best solution to make your home more clean, comfortable, and efficient — all season long. 


By Jeremy Noll
VP of Service




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