whole-house energy system with a standby generatorA whole-house energy system with a standby generator

Here are 10 important reasons why and advantages:

  1. Power all or just a portion of your home during an outage – choose selected circuits and equipment, or every electrical aspect
  2. Today’s smart generators “sense” when the power goes off and start up (and then shut off) automatically
  3. Protect your home from frozen pipes and other issues – while keeping your family comfortable and safe
  4. Eliminate issues and hassles of using portable, manual-start generators
  5. Generators are available that are powered by natural gas or propane
  6. Guard against dangerous power surges when electricity goes off and on
  7. Get fail-safe assurance for family members with critical life support equipment such as ventilators or oxygen generators
  8. Never lose the contents of your refrigerator and freezer again
  9. Safeguard your home when you’re away from home
  10. Eliminate sump pump worries and prevent a flooded basement