Drain your water heaterIf you drain your hot water heater regularly, once or twice a year, this can help to flush out minerals and debris that may cause your tank-style water heater to malfunction.

Though draining your hot water tank is not necessary, it can be helpful preventative maintenance on the equipment. Draining can help hinder either hot spots that cause damage or build up on heating elements. 

Anytime you are performing annual maintenance, you are adding to the longevity of that equipment. While you are draining the water heater, you will also want to check the valves, water pressure and look for wear on the equipment.

We want to point out that if you have never drained your older water heater, don’t start now! Chances are that a leak or valve issue may occur. Make sure you also follow safety guidelines for your gas, electric, or propane water heater.

Who should you call for a new water heater or service? Isaac!

If you need service on your current water heater, or need a new one installed, call Isaac. We’re experts on all types, from the efficient tankless water heaters or on-demand solutions to traditional tank-style water heaters.

We’ll come to your home to take a look before you order a new system from us. In this way, we ensure that a new tank system will fit (they’re wider and taller these days with more insulation built in) and vent properly. We’ll discuss new tankless options that will only heat the water when you need it and supply endless hot water, even if everyone in the family is taking a shower at once while you run the dishwasher.

Isaac is happy to help you with preventative maintenance or exploring options for your hot water heater.