By Joe Kruger, Vice President Sales and MarketingConvenience, Comfort and Beauty of Gas Fireplace Inserts

For some, the thought of walking out to your garage or backyard in three feet of snow to grab firewood for your fireplace has a certain rustic charm. For more and more customers, they would rather enjoy the convenience and clean-burning efficiency of a gas Fireplace Insert.

With a Fireplace Insert, we convert the typical masonry fireplace into a highly-efficient, gas-burning fireplace. It’s an all-in-one, sealed-combustion, heat-producing appliance. And, it features a glass front with multiple trim options to choose from. They’re more stylish than ever and come in three different sizes to fit most existing fireplaces. They stop drafts while efficiently heating your house. And if you have a power outage, they could produce enough warmth to heat your entire house, depending on the outside temperature, and size and layout of your home.

Don’t have a fireplace in your home, but want an easy solution?
We also sell a direct-vent fireplace option for customers that don’t currently have a fireplace. Which means we can go into any room in your house and essentially create a fireplace space against any wall – adding a mantle, stonework or cabinetry to enhance the look, too. Plus, they vent-out through the rear of the unit, so there’s no need for a chimney. There are also free-standing options that don’t require any type of wall mounting.

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