Home Comfort Tips

Protect Your Electronic Investments with Whole-House Surge Protection.

By Chris Vacchetto, Home Services Manager Whether you’re upgrading your panel box or just interested in protecting the various electronic investments you’ve made in your home, whole-house surge protection is a really smart idea – in case your house is hit by lightning or there’s a surge in the power grid. Maybe you have one… Read More

The Power to Add Peace of Mind with Standby Generators.

By Joe Kruger, VP of Sales and Marketing In the late 90s, standby generators were thought of much like central air was in the 70s – not very common and something few people had. Today, however, they’re becoming a lot more popular. In fact, many brand new homes are even being built with generators, increasing… Read More

10 tips to stay cool this summer

Here are 10 practical ideas for staying cooler this summer. These easy-to-do suggestions can really make a difference. Swap your sheets – Flannel and fleece insulate during the winter, but cotton sheets breathe and stay cooler in summer. A buckwheat pillow can also keep you cool because buckwheat hulls have a naturally occurring air space… Read More

Electrical safety and performance checklist

Electricity is serious stuff, of course. But there are a number of items you can check to ensure electrical safety at home. And other sensible projects that only a licensed electrician should tackle. Here are two checklists to review. YOUR home electrical safety checklist: Eliminate power strips There are two places to plug in on… Read More