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Home Comfort Tips

Take the Right Measures to Remove Mold

Weather conditions can lead to increased indoor warmth, humidity, and moisture levels – the perfect environment for mold growth, which is often found in attics and basements. These are places in your home where there is often high humidity and improper ventilation. Unfortunately, mold often goes undetected by a homeowner until it becomes an issue.… Read More

How to Handle a Flooded Basement

Storms, broken sump pumps and other challenges can lead to a flooded basement. There are important steps that you should be aware of to keep your home safe. The Potential Hazards in Your Flooded Basement Initially you may be concerned about the physical damage water causes to your finished walls, carpeting or floors. Also, standing… Read More

Air Quality That Will Take Your Breath Away

So, Keep Cool and Get Comfortable. You know that feeling when your house feels cool, but it’s still sticky and uncomfortable? One of the best ways to improve effectiveness of your air conditioning and ensure comfort is with variable capacity and multi-stage air conditioning. Variable capacity adapts to your home on any day of the… Read More

You Can’t Prevent Winter. But You Can Prepare For it.

By Jeremy Noll, Residential and Commercial Service Manager With every new generation of homeowners, it seems a little knowledge is lost. Sure, when you buy a house, your realtor tells you that your furnace is important, but that’s about where the discussion ends. Servicing it properly generally doesn’t come up. So, unless someone tells you… Read More

10 Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

Here are 10 practical ideas for staying cooler this summer. These easy-to-do suggestions can really make a difference. Swap your sheets. Flannel and fleece insulate during the winter, but cotton sheets breathe and stay cooler in summer. A buckwheat pillow can also keep you cool because buckwheat hulls have a naturally occurring air space between… Read More

A/C Options for Your Whole Home or Specific Areas

Technology has advanced so much that you can now efficiently, cost-effectively cool your whole home or add A/C to selected rooms with ease. High-velocity and ductless systems, along with traditional central air, offer versatile choices. What’s best for your home? Here’s an overview of available options – Unico High-Velocity A/C – Whole home or select areas… Read More

Isaac Expert Answers: Should you drain your water heater?

If you drain your hot water heater regularly, once or twice a year, this can help to flush out minerals and debris that may cause your tank-style water heater to malfunction. Though draining your hot water tank is not necessary, it can be helpful preventative maintenance on the equipment. Draining can help hinder either hot… Read More