By Jeremy Noll, Residential and Commercial Service Manager

With every new generation of homeowners, it seems a little knowledge is lost. Sure, when you buy a house, your realtor tells you that your furnace is important, but that’s about where the discussion ends. Servicing it properly generally doesn’t come up. So, unless someone tells you how important servicing your furnace is, or you just have a natural curiosity about home heating systems, how would you know?

Prepare for winter weather

Well, the good news is that Isaac is here to let you know that the better you maintain your furnace, the better it’s going to perform during those peak operating winter months. We all know how brutal Upstate NY winters can be. So what’s the best way to prepare your furnace for them? The following tips can help.

6 Tips that you can use now to prepare your home for winter.

  1. Turn On Your Furnace Before You Actually Need It
    Every single year, when we have our first cold snap, everyone turns on their furnace. We’ve found that most breakdowns happen on that first startup. So make sure yours turns on properly, before the cold weather hits, to make sure there are no issues, then turn it off until you need it.
  2. Call and Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance: PTSI
    A PTSI is a Precision Tune-Up and Safety Inspection. This tune-up includes important tests that can identify issues before they become costly problems. It also includes cleanings that prevent unnecessary breakdowns and increase efficiency.
  3. Re-Adjust Your Dampers
    Some people adjust their dampers during the cooling season to push more cool air upstairs. During the heating season you will need to remember to adjust them back.
  4. Make Sure Snow Drifts Aren’t Blocking Your Furnace Vent
    Many high-efficiency furnaces will shut-off automatically if the vent is blocked by snow. So to avoid an unnecessary service call, make sure you clear the vent of any snow blockage.
  5. Change Your Humidifier Vent Damper to Winter Mode (if equipped)
    There’s usually a lever on the side of your humidifier, so just make sure you switch it to the ‘winter’ setting.
  6. Maintenance Agreements – Pay Monthly Instead of All at Once!
    Of course, you want the peace of mind that comes with having our best Gold Seal Protection Plan, but now you can have your payments spread-out across the life of the agreement, rather than all at once. That’s where our new monthly payment plan comes in. Now you can keep your furnace running at peak performance –and keep your family safe and warm this winter – for an average monthly cost of $14.
    • Free PTSI for covered equipment and products to increase lifespan
    • Free service calls with most parts and labor covered
    • Priority service, 24/7/365

(Of course, you can still make a one-time payment to cover your agreement. It’s all about whatever makes you more comfortable.)