A/C versus a Heat PumpYou want to keep cool this summer. Should you buy central air or a heat pump?

Here’s a quick overview to help you decide from Joe Kruger, Isaac VP of Sales and Marketing:

An A/C system, like your refrigerator, absorbs heat from indoor air, then moves the cool air that is created into ducts to cool your home. Collected heat is exhausted outdoors through the outdoor A/C unit’s refrigerant process.

A heat pump can provide home cooling and heat, so you can generally use it all year long. It efficiently collects heat from the outside air to heat your home, and in the summer can be reversed to remove heat from your home for cooling. Today’s heat pumps are very economical to run. If you are using oil or propane heat currently, supplementing that source with a heat pump can save significantly on energy costs, as much as 40%. Modern heat pumps also now feature increased efficiency that allows them to be effective in our northern climate.

Ductless heat pumps  deliver super-efficient cooling and heating to homes or rooms without ductwork. A ductless heat pump can lower energy costs 25-40% when replacing electric baseboard heat. These are ideal for combined heating/cooling of your entire home, or a single room or area.

Central air also has its advantages. You’ll have a comfortable, cool home in the summer and it’s very affordable. If you already have an energy efficient furnace and have natural gas heating, A/C is a good choice. Modern A/C units are very compact and fit into tight spaces well. You can save on high-efficiency A/C, installed with Isaac quality now.

One of our Isaac experts will be happy to visit with you, examine your home, and help you determine what’s best to meet your home comfort and cooling needs. Give us a call and we’ll cover all the options, costs, and payback time frames with you.