Hot Water – On Call

The Benefits of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

How much hot water do you really use? Most households require one hour of hot water a day. Yet, most homes will heat the water for 24 hours a day…so it’s ready when you need it. In the end, that’s 23 hours of hot water constantly heated to 125 degrees that’s wasted each day… and that translates to a lot of wasted energy.

That’s why more and more home owners are experiencing the benefits of tankless hot water heaters. It’s hot water available on call – available just when you need it.

Most home owners desire an energy-efficient, endless supply of hot water and a tankless hot water heater can deliver just that. Tankless technology is certainly not for every household. Families who take a lot of showers and do a lot of laundry may not be the perfect fit. But for smaller families, especially empty nesters, tankless may absolutely be the way to go.

The Benefits of Tankless Are Plentiful:

  • You never run out of “forever hot water”
  • Units last five to 10 years longer than traditional tanks
  • More efficient with no standby heat loss – for 10% energy savings*
  • Take up less space

Isaac has researched the best available tankless water heaters on the market and has partnered with Bosch brand thermotechnology to provide a portfolio of tankless options to our customers.

Once you’ve selected the unit that best fits your needs, tankless water heaters are easy to install and take up very little room. For that reason, tankless technology is ideal for cottages, cabins, hunting camps, condominiums, and any dwelling without a basement or just a crawl space.

While the initial purchase and setup for a tankless unit is more expensive than a traditional hot water heater, most homeowners find, through the energy savings, the appliance pays for itself after just a few years.

Not sure if a tankless hot water heater is right for your household? Isaac can help determine if tankless can deliver the effectiveness and efficiency to make it worth the install. If so, they’ll help you find the right size and efficiency to meet your hot water needs.


*Potential operating savings.