So, Keep Cool and Get Comfortable.

You know that feeling when your house feels cool, but it’s still sticky and uncomfortable? One of the best ways to improve effectiveness of your air conditioning and ensure comfort is with variable capacity and multi-stage air conditioning. Variable capacity adapts to your home on any day of the year. If it’s super-hot outside, it ramps up its capacity. If it’s not so hot, it ramps down.

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Variable capacity units have a longer run time at a lower, energy-efficient level of output giving you a longer, more desirable effect. So you get better comfort, lower cooling bills and protection against rising energy costs.

If your air conditioner is only a single-stage unit, which is the typical air conditioner out there today, every time it turns on the air comes on full blast. So, by lowering the capacity of the air conditioner and running at a lower power — like you would for a dimmer on a room light — it’s able to run longer on those humid days when you don’t need as much cooling. It all happens automatically. The variable capacity unit automatically adapts with just the right amount of cooling power every time.

It’s Not The Heat, It’s The Humidity.

Humidity makes people feel sticky, hot and stuff y — it’s just plain uncomfortable. That’s where a central AC with variable capacity technology works very well. In fact, you can actually target humidity as well as temperature with your thermostat. For example, you can actually tell the thermostat to not only cool down to your preferred temperature, but also to arrive at lower humidity that you select. This feature keeps you comfortable at night too when temperatures are going down, and it’s reaching the dew point and humidity levels start rising.


Is your upstairs as cool as your downstairs when your air conditioning is running? When you walk up the stairs to go your bed at night, is it getting warmer and stuffier? This is where zoning pays off . Zoning allows you to have independent control of each level of your home. Everyone with a two-level home is a candidate. Southern homeowners, who experience longer periods of warmth during the year, have been using this strategy for decades.

The ideal ways to totally correct the difference in air quality and comfort is with zoning or having two
systems — one cooling from above and one from below. It’s easy to set up zoning with your existing system, especially since it’s close to the furnace. It’s easy for a technician to come in and with minimal disruption and invasiveness retrofit your system.

Breathe Easier with Air Filters and Air Cleaning Technologies.

Air Quality That Will Take Your Breath AwayMost filters have a MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) that tells you its ideal cleaning application. Many standard filters just protect the equipment from getting dirty. They don’t do anything for air quality. Choosing a filter with a higher MERV rating often means more surface area for air to blow over and through — and more protection.

Reduce Viruses, Bacteria, Mold and Odors.

Three examples of recommended systems are the RGF Reme Halo, the Aprilaire Air Purifier, and the Lennox Pure Air. The RGF Reme Halo is a catalytic UV product that tackles viruses, bacteria and molds head-on — and it reduces odors, too.

Aprilaire Air Purifiers clean the air, reduce pollutants and can even help improve your family’s health from harmful particulates like allergens, mold spores, dust mites and viruses. If you want the best of both worlds, the Lennox Pure Air uses a filter media and catalytic product all in one — giving you the whole spectrum of air cleaning. It goes all the way from visible particles, down to viruses, bacteria, molds and odors. It truly improves air quality like nothing you’ve ever seen.

So make sure your family’s air is clean, cool and comfortable. Talk to Isaac today about the many ways we can improve the quality of the air and, in turn, your life.