Technology has advanced so much that you can now efficiently, cost-effectively cool your whole home or add A/C to selected rooms with ease. High-velocity and ductless systems, along with traditional central air, offer versatile choices. What’s best for your home? Here’s an overview of available options –

Unico High-Velocity A/C – whole home or select areas
• Compact system for homes where conventional cooling units can’t be installed
• Uses small flexible ductwork and discreet registers
• Ideal for retrofitting homes with boilers, baseboard heat and non-duct systems
• Can be installed in attics or crawl spaces for cooling of whole house or selected rooms
• Features high-velocity air that does a great job of dehumidifying and distributing air for enhanced comfort

Mitsubishi Ductless – problem areas, specific zones, or whole home
• Can provide heat + A/C or A/C only – excellent option to replace expensive electric baseboard heat, oil heat, or propane
• Solves problems – rooms that won’t stay cool, 3-season rooms, bonus rooms, converted garages
• Extremely energy efficient and quiet

Central Air – use your current ductwork
• Easy to install as it uses the ductwork of your forced-air furnace
• More efficient than ever
• See the Spring Into Summer With A/C from Isaac offer as one very affordable option for central air

And there are more possibilities too. We’re able to visit any homeowner and discuss a variety of options for A/C. We’re problem solvers and our cooling experts create solutions that homeowners love. To find out more and get a free, no-obligation consultation, call your Isaac office now before the summer arrives.