5 Ways Keep Every Room Cool This Summer If your upstairs rooms are warmer and downstairs rooms cooler during A/C use, these five ideas can make a big difference to even out your A/C this summer:

Adjust duct dampers to balance your system

  • Each duct coming from your furnace has an adjustable valve/damper. Settings for heating and cooling are usually different. By opening up upstairs ducts more and adjusting lower floor ducts, you can more effectively balance cooling. Mark winter and summer settings with a permanent marker to save time this fall.

Consider adding ductless cooling

  • A Mitsubishi ductless solution can be installed in a bedroom or bonus room very cost-effectively to provide cooling exactly where and when you need it.

Arzel Zoning is a great answer

  • It uses multiple thermostats to control air flow, making your whole home comfortable no matter what the season.

Use ceiling fans

  • Reversing your ceiling fan (so it pulls heavier, cooler air up rather than pushing the warmer air down) can provide greater comfort.

Check your attic insulation and ventilation

  • If you don’t have sufficient insulation or proper ventilation in your attic, more heat can be transferred to upstairs rooms. Proper levels will add comfort and save on energy bills throughout the year.