Home Comfort Tips

The Next Generation of Technical Experts

Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to training at Isaac the best technicians in the business. To fulfill this commitment, Isaac is opening a brand new training and education facility. This new facility will provide hands-on experience with heating, A/C, electrical, and plumbing. “There isn’t a heating and air conditioning company in the country… Read More

At Isaac, Company Growth is Personal

Isaac Employee Spotlight Company growth means opportunities for every Isaac employee. We would like to take a moment to recognize the accomplishments that Leslie Young has achieved. Leslie has been instrumental in Isaac’s growth. Leslie joined Isaac as a branch coordinator in 2014. At a young age, Leslie’s dad instilled a work ethic that drove… Read More

Is Your Hot Water Heater Noisy?

noisy water heater

If you’re hearing a gurgling or banging from your noisy water heater, it may need your attention. While quick fixes can stop the noise, it’s probably time for a new water heater. Sediment that could be resting at the bottom of your water heater may be causing it to run inefficiently. This will increase your… Read More

Electrical and Plumbing Services

plumbing services

Part of the Isaac Home Comfort and Safety Offering When we talk to our clients, we like to learn about their entire home. This is to make sure they are as comfortable as possible in their home. We are often asked to refer a contractor to protect finished basements, remedy blown fuses, or fix plumbing.… Read More

Get Care and Coverage for Your Equipment

Isaac Care Clubs provide the care and coverage your equipment needs, plus expedited service and preferred treatment. It’s your fast pass to great Isaac service and support. Here’s what’s included: GoldCare Club Membership: Annual precision tune-up, safety inspection, and cleaning 100% coverage of service call charges and most parts and labor 15% discount on non-covered… Read More

6 Tips to Optimize Home Comfort and Safety This Winter

It’s too early to predict what winter will bring this year, but we’re already thinking about optimizing your home’s comfort and safety. 1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans Here’s an easy way to circulate warm air in your home. Your fan blades should be running in a clockwise direction. This action pushes rising heat back down… Read More

Can Your Furnace Make it Through Another Winter?

fall furnace offer

Winter’s coming – and no one wants to be stranded in the cold. Now’s the time to let the experts at Isaac ensure your furnace is fully prepared with furnace preparation for fall. Furnace Tips Turn your furnace on before you actually need it. Most breakdowns happen on the first startup. This will ensure you… Read More

Get Ahead of Lakeside Flooding

lake ontario flooding

If you live near Lake Ontario, you are familiar with area-wide flooding and damage that excess water has caused. While sandbagging may be diverting water away from your home, there is more that can be done inside your home. Waiting until the water is inside your basement is too late to prevent costly destruction. Once… Read More

Across New York and Beyond, Isaac Means Business!

You are used to seeing Isaac’s red vans parked in your driveway or the driveways of your neighbors, but did you know that about half of Isaac’s business is actually supporting the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration needs of commercial establishments? These are the stand-alone businesses, apartment buildings, restaurants, and warehouses you work in… Read More

Take the Right Measures to Remove Mold

Weather conditions can lead to increased indoor warmth, humidity, and moisture levels – the perfect environment for mold growth, which is often found in attics and basements. These are places in your home where there is often high humidity and improper ventilation. Unfortunately, mold often goes undetected by a homeowner until it becomes an issue.… Read More