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Home Comfort Tips

Get Ahead of Lakeside Flooding

Lakeside Flooding - Lake Ontario

If you live near Lake Ontario, you are familiar with area-wide flooding and damage that excess water has caused. While sandbagging may be diverting water away from your home, there is more that can be done inside your home. Waiting until the water is inside your basement is too late to prevent costly destruction. Once… Read More

Across New York and Beyond, Isaac Means Business!

You are used to seeing Isaac’s red vans parked in your driveway or the driveways of your neighbors, but did you know that about half of Isaac’s business is actually supporting the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration needs of commercial establishments? These are the stand-alone businesses, apartment buildings, restaurants, and warehouses you work in… Read More

Take the Right Measures to Remove Mold

Weather conditions can lead to increased indoor warmth, humidity, and moisture levels – the perfect environment for mold growth, which is often found in attics and basements. These are places in your home where there is often high humidity and improper ventilation. Unfortunately, mold often goes undetected by a homeowner until it becomes an issue.… Read More

Helping to Connect and Protect Your Home … from Doorbells to Drips!

From thermostats and cameras, to doorbells, door locks, alarms and more, home automation continues to connect homeowners. Nest, a leading home-automation products provider (and the preferred partner of Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning) introduced the ultimate in automated protection against a water catastrophe: LeakSmart. Having a Smart Home with a LeakSmart device helps protect your… Read More

Isaac – an Established Provider for Plumbing

Did you know that Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning provides plumbing services? Homeowners often asked us if we could help resolve a plumbing issue while we were installing or servicing a furnace or air conditioner. So, weʼve expanded our services to provide Isaac plumbing services and installation with our highly skilled plumbers. Plumbing services and… Read More

New A/C or Upgrade

Isaac air conditioning offer

Isaac air conditioning offer makes it easy! For one reason or another, your home still does not have air conditioning. Maybe you installed a system several years ago and found yourself hoping it would continue to work even on the hottest summer days or maybe your home was built without an A/C system. In either… Read More

What to Do About Mold in Your Home

mold in your home

And why you shouldn’t stop at just removing it! The root cause of mold found in your home, whether in the basement or the attic, is moisture. Mold can occur anywhere in your home where there is water and the potential for it to grow over time. While there is mold that you can see,… Read More

Isaac In the Community: Shirley’s Playland

No Better Tribute to the Matriarch of the Isaac Family Shirley Isaac, wife of Jim Isaac (whose father founded Isaac in 1945) and mother of current owners, Ray, Mike, Dave and Ken Isaac, passed away in October 2016. Shirley and her husband Jim (a past Rochester Rotary president) have passionately supported the Rochester Rotary Sunshine… Read More

Isaac University Coursework Now Eligible for MCC Credits

Isaac University

Isaac University Coursework Now Eligible for MCC Credits In August 2018, Isaac announced that its nationally recognized Isaac University (Isaac U) is partnering with Monroe Community College (MCC) in Rochester. This partnership also makes Isaac U coursework completed by Isaac technicians eligible for up to 18 college credits at MCC. Isaac U’s program features full-time… Read More

Changing Lives and Creating Meaningful Careers

Syracuse HVAC Technicians Hiring

Isaac University Did you know that Isaac technicians receive more hands-on training in the first six weeks of their employment than installers and service staff at other heating and air conditioning companies typically receive over the course of their careers? This extensive training is offered by Isaac University. This is the dedicated training center of… Read More