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If you live in an area with hard water, you most likely already have a water softener system in your home or are looking to add one. Hard water can build up inside your pipes and even your water heater, reducing the life of this equipment over time. You may also notice hard water affecting how your water tastes or smells. Build-up of the minerals in hard water can leave spots on your glasses and a film on your sink, shower, and washing machine.

What size water softener do I need?

A project manager from Isaac will ask you how many people are in the home and approximately how much water they each use each day. On average, a single person consumes 80 gallons of water.

What brands of water treatment do you sell?

Isaac sells and services WaterCare products. This includes conditioners, drinking water systems, and whole house filtration.
Whole house filtration offers the Ion Pro system. Which combines a unique air chamber with specialized filtration media. The filters offered provide protection against staining often left behind from iron and manganese in hard water. They also eliminate that rotten egg smell caused by hydrogen sulfide and can neutralize acidic water. This removes the chlorine taste and odor.
Conditioners offered through the TotalCare Series are self-monitored as they disinfect. The media filter softens water while it removes the minerals that leaves stains and unpleasant odors and taste. The end result is a better performing water for your family and the equipment in your home.

Drinking Water Systems

No more bottled water! The WaterCare’s Clear Flo and UltroWater drinking water systems makes your drinking water safe and delicious. Helping to remove particles and impurities, your water has never tasted so good! Changing cartridges is easy and there are options for faucet choices. Add peace of mind for the drinking water at home.
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*Water treatment services available in our Twin Tiers, Rochester, Avon and Canandaigua locations. 

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