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New Air Conditioner Awarded to Churchville family

Isaac sympathizes with the epic household battle over the thermostat. We know that when your air conditioner starts to work less efficiently that you start to fiddle with the temperature. It’s struggling to reach a comfortable level, but trying to stay cool can get expensive! Even one degree can add hundreds of dollars to your energy bill. And that’s when the battle happens! 

We asked to hear about your thermostat wars! Many of upstate New York’s households shared with us their thermostat stories, and one family won a brand new air conditioner that was installed this summer. 

The winner of the Thermostat Wars contest received an air conditioner and installation valued at $6,000. Rules and contest details below.  

*Deadline to enter was June 30, 2023. Not applicable on previous purchases. 

McCaffery Family Poem

‘Twas the first night of summer and all through the humble abode, everyone was sweating because the AC unit was not up to code.

Mama in her tank top and dad in his shorts, had just laid down for a night out of sorts. 

The parents refused to turn the thermostat down for the AC to go live, because it was so inefficient and installed in 1995.

The kids were all hot and sweating in their beds 
While visions of drained bank accounts danced in mom and dad’s heads.

When what to the kids wondering thoughts should appear, but a new efficient air conditioner blowing crisp air so dear. 

While the kids snuck down to thermostat with care, they knew the parents would be following them not willing to share,
their money. 

The kids turned the thermostat down for the AC to blow, but the parents followed them there and in the end 80 degrees did show. 

As the kids slunk back to bed all sweaty and sad, they heard him exclaim “No one touches the thermostat… but dad!”

Then mom retorted, “I’m sick of all this fighting over keeping this house cool, just call Isaac tomorrow, don’t be a fool!”




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