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Poor insulation costs more than energy: You pay the price in comfort, too.

Improving your home’s insulation—combined with air sealing—can save you up to 40% on your energy bill. But there’s more to benefit from than lower expenses. Proper insulation keeps your home’s temperature more stable. It absorbs more noise. All with zero future maintenance, unlike older forms of insulation, which tends to degrade over time. 

Insulation improvements aren’t just for old homes. 

Even if you own a recently built, well-insulated home, it may be leaking that air you pay to heat and cool. Isaac’s trained technicians can help you tighten up your home by insulating overlooked areas like your attic and cellar. Keep the air you heat indoors in the winter—and the air you cool indoors in the summer. For instance, the most frequent cause of winter heat loss is heat transmission. Properly installed insulation slows down heat transmission through floors, walls and ceilings. That ensures your home will be more comfortable and consistent in temperature. 

Our expert attic and wall insulation installers also ensure proper ventilation. 

We insulate homes with proper air sealing and ventilation in mind. Insulation has to allow for good ventilation for safety and comfort. For instance, when we insulate your attic, we may recommend baffles to separate your attic insulation and keep it from blocking air flow in your attic. 

Peace of mind with long-lasting warranties. 

Isaac offers limited lifetime workmanship warranties. The insulation products we use typically last about 25 years.  

Financial incentives make it more affordable. 

You could earn up to a 50% home performance rebate on your insulation improvements. Plus, there are low-interest loans available for this specific type of work. 

  • If you haven’t yet had a free Isaac Healthy Home Assessment, that’s where we’ll begin with our first visit. This audit ensures that that the work we do for you is as effective as possible.
  • We will assess your home’s current state, its design, and your needs. A project manager will recommend a type of insulation for the project: Blown-in cellulose is the most common type of insulation, installed using a special machine. Spray foam insulation is best suited for filling gaps and covering spaces large and small.
  • We’ll provide a free estimate, so there are no unexpected costs.
  • Next, we’ll scope out the project and plan the installation.
  • You can book the installation at a time that works best for you.
  • We’ll protect your space with drop cloths, floor protection, and shoe booties.
  • Our uniformed, background-checked technicians will install the insulation.
  • We’ll review what was done and answer any questions you may have.
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Peace of mind for the long term.

In addition to our GoldCare Club option, Isaac features a lifetime workmanship warranty on all installations. Also available: manufacturer’s warranties and one- to five-year labor warranties.


Not ready for a new fireplace? We can service your current one, too.

While there are many benefits to replacing your old system, now may not be the right time. For regular maintenance and routine repairs on fireplaces, our technicians are the best trained in the business. They can make sure your house is nice and toasty before you settle in for cooler weather.




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