Water Heaters

Water Heaters technicianAs of 2015, new Department of Energy standards are in effect for hot water heaters. While prices have increased, these regulations are meant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save energy, making your home safer.

Isaac carries a full range of water heaters: standard, power-vented through the side of the home, and tankless water heaters. With so many choices, Isaac offers hot-water heating consultation service at no charge. Our hot water experts will visit your home to examine your current installation and ask a few questions. Then, we’ll make recommendations and discuss the best options for you, considering complete pricing, energy savings, and payback information.

We also service and maintain gas, electric, oil, and propane water heaters. We can provide expert service or install a new unit within a few hours, even on weekends.

Our professionals can size a water heater to fit the needs of your family; we install traditional and tankless.

Traditional Water Heaters

New tank-style models of traditional water heaters are better insulated, energy efficient, and operate up to a 96 percent thermal efficiency. That means they cost less to operate, so payback on your purchase will take only about five years.

These water heaters are safer because of improved venting for fumes. They also have a built-in auto shut-off in case flammable substances spill near the unit.

However, new models are wider and taller, so our team can help you pick a new spot in your basement if necessary.

The normal lifespan of a water tank is about 10 to 12 years, with about a six-year warranty.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless styles heat water on demand instead of continuously. You get hot water much faster than with traditional tank heaters. With tankless styles, you never run out of hot water. Multiple people can take showers one after the other while you’re washing the dishes and doing laundry!

Tankless water heaters are more efficient because you’re only heating hot water when you need it. This saves money and reduces wear and tear on your system. By comparison, a conventional tank must work to maintain 40 to 50 gallons of 125°F water all day.

They’re also a green choice, eliminating more than 85 percent of flue gas wasted by standard water heaters. They also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by at least 420 lbs. per unit per year. At 98 percent energy efficiency, they offer the lowest annual operating cost and fastest payback (compared to traditional water heaters).

Tankless water heater choices are good for families who use hot water in the morning then leave the house for the day. These models are projected to last up to 20 years, with a 12-year warranty.

“Troy is just wonderful! He was able to explain the problem and fix it in a timely manner. I really appreciate Troys hard work. Once again, I am very impressed with your company.”

-Carl S., Rochester, NY 

“Thank you to Chris P. and his team for helping me with my geothermal unit. I recommended Isaac to my neighbor as she is building a house and wants to put in a new geothermal unit!”

-William H., Auburn, NY 

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