Energy efficient home boiler systemYou know your boiler has failed when you’re not getting heat or hot water — but there are other signs that it may be failing, which can create a dangerous situation. Older units can leak or become compromised or cracked, and damaged heat exchangers can lead to water leaks and possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Is your boiler making strange noises? Is the pressure dropping or rising too often or is it using more gas than it should? What about leaking water? The pilot light/flame? It should be blue; if it’s yellow or orange, there may be a problem. Play it safe, and have one of our experienced professionals inspect your boiler.

Key Advantages

New and retrofit boilers can deliver up to 98 percent efficiency, and many are designed to provide both hot water and heat. The top benefits of a new boiler include:

  • Better comfort, with the ability to adapt to different weather conditions. You’ll experience even heat that uses far less fuel than conventional high-temperature systems.
  • Greater energy efficiency for cost savings that start the day we install it. Expect to save an average of 20 to 50 percent. Old boilers might be as low as 65% efficient, wasting your fuel dollars.
  • Enhanced safety – Old units can be unsafe because they lack features designed to prevent failure. In new units, when one part fails, the whole unit is locked out completely to avoid further damage.

We carry Weil-McLain, Navien and Buderus boilers, which offer the best combination of gas heating and energy efficiency. You can choose from different levels of efficiency, too.

Guaranteed Quality

The normal lifespan of a boiler is 17 to 21 years. We include a lifetime workmanship warranty on all installations. Additional manufacturer’s warranties are also available, as are one- to five-year labor warranties.

Boiler Installation Process

  1. Our project manager will come out first to assess your home, educate you on the replacement options, and help you make the right choice.
  2. You can then schedule the installation appointment when it’s convenient for you.
  3. We scope out the project and develop a plan.
  4. Preparation for the installation includes the protection of your home with drop cloths, floor protection, and shoe booties. We then carefully remove the old system and all the associated components.
  5. Our technicians install your new equipment and support systems, including gas piping, wiring, fabrication, venting, plumbing, etc.
  6. We conduct a thorough test of the entire system using a 20-point inspection routine. This ensures that your system performs to its full efficiency and comfort potential.
  7. We walk you through the new system, explain what was done, answer of all your questions and provide operating and maintenance instructions.
  8. Within 10 days, our quality assurance technician visits your home and completes a thorough report card that covers all aspects of the installation ensuring the system meets your expectations and ours.
  9. We cover all installations with our exclusive GoldCare Club program, which warranties the entire installation for one year, offers priority service, and culminates in a Precision Tune-Up and Safety Inspection at the end of the year! Plus a lifetime Isaac workmanship guarantee!

“Troy is just wonderful! He was able to explain the problem and fix it in a timely manner. I really appreciate Troys hard work. Once again, I am very impressed with your company.”

-Carl S., Rochester, NY 

“Thank you to Chris P. and his team for helping me with my geothermal unit. I recommended Isaac to my neighbor as she is building a house and wants to put in a new geothermal unit!”

-William H., Auburn, NY 

“I couldn’t be happier with the home energy audit and improvement work that was completed at my home. The installers were very neat, I like when people can get the job done!”

-Gene H., Livonia, NY 

“This was my first time calling Isaac and I did not have any heat. I spoke with Laura who was the sweetest and most helpful person. Andy brought space heaters to my home. I have never dealt with a company that showed genuine concern for my family!”

-Michelle B., Avon, NY