Home Comfort Tips

10 tips to stay cool this summer

Here are 10 practical ideas for staying cooler this summer. These easy-to-do suggestions can really make a difference. Swap your sheets – Flannel and fleece insulate during the winter, but cotton sheets breathe and stay cooler in summer. A buckwheat pillow can also keep you cool because buckwheat hulls have a naturally occurring air space… Read More

A/C options for your whole home or specific areas

Technology has advanced so much that you can now efficiently, cost-effectively cool your whole home or add A/C to selected rooms with ease. High-velocity and ductless systems, along with traditional central air, offer versatile choices. What’s best for your home? Here’s an overview of available options – Unico High-Velocity A/C – whole home or select areas… Read More

Isaac expert answers: Should you drain your water heater?

If you drain it regularly, once or twice a year, this can help to flush out minerals and debris that may cause your tank-style water heater to malfunction. If you have never drained it, don’t start now! Chances are that a leak or valve issue may occur. Make sure you follow safe guidelines for your… Read More